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Gymnastics is an all-encompassing exercise programme that incorporates strength, speed, power, coordination, flexibility, and balance.

It is a demanding sport that requires immense perseverance and skills. Although it is advisable to start early, we do accept older children in Primary School.  One thing is for certain, the disciplinary influence of gymnastics extends beyond the gym and into the lifestyle of children.

Our Gymnastics Club is a 4 piece club (bars, vault, beam and floor). We train from Holt Park Active, Saturday afternoons, term time.  

We have 3 recreational classes, and a elite performance team for this with particular aptitutde. 


1. Good for Health

Regular participation in gymnastics has health benefits for children of all ages. With regular practice, children develop excellent physical coordination and maintain good health which in the long run prevents heart disease and even age-related issues such as bone loss.

2. Lays Down a Foundation for Athletics

The rigorous training of gymnastics focuses on all aspects of sports from physical to psychological. It builds strength and flexibility on the physical levels and contributes to mental toughness which is a must-have in athletics.

3. Builds Excellent Coordination of Mind and Body

Gymnastics helps to build robust spatial awareness. Unlike non-gymnasts, children who are into gymnastics aren’t as startled by a sudden imbalance in any activity they are involved in. They are also able to apply these acquired reflexes during difficult situations in everyday life.

4. Develops Sportsmanship

Although gymnastics is an individual sport, it involves a group learning environment. It develops sportsmanship and positive relationship in children as they cheer for their peers and learn about healthy competition. It also helps them hone their social skills by interacting with adults and other children who are at different levels of proficiency.

5. Builds Discipline

Discipline is everything in gymnastics. Children will have to put work into physical movements every week to perform certain feats. In this process, they learn the importance of focus, dedication, and hard work.

6. Builds Confidence

The sense of accomplishment gained from mastering physical feats goes a long way in building confidence and a sense of self-esteem in children. As they advance, they learn to tackle more significant challenges methodically and achieve their goals. Children also learn to face their fears and talk openly about it to the coach to find a way to overcome it.

7. Helps Them Set Goals

Athletic ability cannot be built overnight; it requires dedicated efforts to fine-tune the mind and the body. This means learning to set goals and working continuously to achieve them. In the process, children learn how to manage stress and stay calm under pressure, 

8. Gymnastics is Fun

All kids naturally love activities that involve swinging, tumbling, jumps, flips, and momentary free-fall. Not many activities are this exhilarating and children are drawn to it. Regular classes also keep their spirits high by releasing endorphins or the happy chemicals in their brains. 


Please click on the age group to reveal the details for the class. 

The booking form is below. If the class is full, you can join the waiting list. 

INFANTS 4-6 yrs Reception- Year 2 JUNIORS 7-9 yrs Year 3- Year 5 YOUTHS 10 yrs + or via invite. Year 5 + DG Elite Performance Team via invite.

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