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Schedule September 2020 & COVID-19 Update 

The Defying Gravity Gymnastics Club usually trains from Holt Park Active BUT due to COVID-19; the leisure centre is still undergoing a phased re-opening.

Childrens' dryside activities and external bookings (such as ours) are still awaiting a date to get back in!  As such; we have had no option but to find a TEMPORARY home. 

Whether we are at Holt Park Active or The Gym Health and Fitness LTD - there are two main issues- human contact and equipment contact. The format of our classes will be slightly different to keep in line with COVID-19 guidance given to us by the Government, World Health Organisation, Leeds City Council and British Gymnastics. 

Equipment contact is easily managed with cleaning measures in place, BUT human contact between the coach and student is difficult to manage. Gymnastics is a 'hands-on' sport- students need supporting. To mitigate the transmission of COVID 19 we will temporarily refrain from teaching bars and beam in order to avoid getting too close to students. As guidelines continue to change; our teaching methods will also change. 

This coming term we will heavily focus upon- 

  • Floorwork- including technique, skills, conditioning and the use of our fabulous air track. Students will adhere to 'boxed' zones meeting the requirement of social distancing. 
  • Safe Vault work. There are plenty of vault skills that we can teach from a distance.  Please note- student safety would ALWAYS take priority over COVID practise i.e. if a child set off running towards a spring board and the flight was taking an unpredictable course, we have a duty of care to protect our students; therefore a member of staff would step in to support; ultimately to prevent injury. 


Please note- when we move back to Holt Park Active- the times of sessions will most likely switch back to 14:30 Infants, 15:15 Juniors, 16:00 Youth and 16:45 Elite (or thereabouts with cleaning measures in place). If our booking times differ dramatically, we will endevaour to complete the term period at our temporary venue 'The Gym Health and Fitness LYD'  before making any vast changes to the programme so you can continue your booking. 

Saturdays- Term Time @ The Gym Health and Fitness LTD

Term 1- Sat 19 Sep-Sat 19 Dec.

Dates now amended due to Lockdown 2. 

The Term will not end until Sat 23rd Jan 2021. 

No classes on 31 Oct (Half Term). 

No classes during Lockdown 2 (7th Nov, 14th Nov, 21st Nov, 28th Nov).

Classes running for rest of term 5th Dec, 12th Dec, 19th Dec. 9th Jan, 16th Jan, 23rd Jan.

No classes 26th Dec, 2nd Jan (Christmas Holidays) 

Start  Duration Class


45 mins

DG Infants 

Reception to Year 2 (4-6 yrs)

15:00 45 mins

DG Juniors-

Year 3- Year 5 (7-10 yrs)

16:00 45 mins

DG Youths-

Year 6- Year 9 (10-14 yrs)

17:00 120 mins

DG Elite-

Invitational Training (open age)

Our Temporary Home

The Gym Health and Fitness LTD 15-19 Cowper Rd, Harehills, Leeds LS9 7AP

Please see the map below.