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Our Classes: 

We are a family-run school offering a friendly and secure learning environment. We appeal to the 'hobby student' to those who have professional aspirations gearing up for a career in the arts. 

  • Parent and Child Clases start from 2.5 years
  • Independent class options from 3 years +
  • Nursery, Primary, High School and College class options
  • Adult Programme from 18 years + for mature ladies
  • Affiliated with the 'Defying Gravity Gymnastics Club' 

Children can typically commence dance class at any point in their lives, especially auxiliary styles of dance such as Street, Musical Theatre, Contemporary, Jazz and our own creation 'Just Dance'. 

Traditional styles, such as Ballet and Tap are defined by ability. Whilst earlier grades are split into ages and stages; in later years, students have spent years building knowledge, strength, technique and skills to progess through the levels therefore it is difficult for an older student to 'catch up' on the fundamentals. This said; we do often get the odd late starter in Ballet and Tap which we would always welcome.

Exams and Shows? Yes, indeed. 

We regularly offer students the option to take their gradings, awards and badge tests. We tend to follow IDTA for recreational and RAD for vocational. 

Registered and qualified teaching members of IDTA, ISTD and RAD. All recognised world wide. 

Showtime is the most eagerly anticipated period in the dancers' year! Annually (generally around March), we stage a production in a professional working theatre for students to showcase their classwork.

Class Descriptions

Please use the tabs to seek a description of each style. 

If you need any further information, don't hestitate to reach out. 

Ballet is the foundation of dance. From Intro through to Prep, the basics of ballet are taught through syllabus work in a fun and encouraging way. Mime and story-telling through dance are at the heart of the IDTA and RAD syllabus. From Primary through to Grade 1, we start to work on our classical technique and knowledge for steps, whilst venturing on to more complex exercises that require focus and self-discipline. From Grade 2 and beyond, dancers are challenged with complex exercises and sequence. Performance quality should improve with an appreciation for classical music. Once your child has reached a certain level and their feet are strong enough- they will be invited to partake in our pointe class- which is a very exciting time for the young dancer.
Tap is rhythm and rhythm is tap. From Intro through to Prep we learn the basics and get to grips with using our ball and heel taps to discover the different sounds and steps that can be created from simply moving our feet! From Primary through to Grade 1 things become a little harder- as we then have to focus on leg control with faster steps and more complex rhythms. From Grade 2 and beyond we venture onto bigger and better things that are challenging for the young dancer. It is very enjoyable indeed.
We cover two types of Jazz within our sessions: theatrical jazz is typical of what you see on the West End stage, whereas lyrical jazz is a more emotive style- typical of what you see on programmes such as ?The Next Step'. The style involves travelling steps, high kicks, leaps and turns which all need strength and flexibility. This is a highly energetic dance style enjoyed by all.
The perfect session to introduce your pre-schooler to the wonderful world of dance. And parents/carers- do indeed feel free to join in! Basic ballet technique coupled with 'fun' modern dance; this session is lively but structured; developing those all-important physical skills as well as encouraging creativity, expression and confidence.
Whilst ballet is the foundation of this class, we also mix in some modern dance- guaranteed to keep the attention of the young dancers. This class is an independent class, without parent. In this session, we follow the Prejuvenile IDTA syllabus which guarantees steady yet FUN progress with age appropriate learning.
Defining this style of dance can be difficult, as contemporary dance is an extremely fluid and a very nebulous style of dance. Unlike traditions such as ballet, contemporary dance is not associated with specific dance techniques, but rather with a dance philosophy. In contemporary dance, we explore the natural energy and emotions of our bodies to produce dances which are often very personal. Our schools' style of contemporary dance is very lyrical, and typically we use well-loved songs and ballads that are really enjoyable to work with. It is a really good 'top to toe' workout for children. Typical of what you'll see in such programmes like; 'The Next Step'.
Street Dance (may also be referred to as Commercial, Break Dance or Hip Hop is a popular form of dance that is often featured in Music Videos. Current, popular music is used complemented by high energy, fun moves. Typical dance styles seen on TikTok and all the latest dance programmes on TV. Street Dance is loved by boys and girls alike.
If you love anything from the West End or Broadway- this is the class for you. Singing, dancing and a hint of drama we have sooo much fun putting together our cast for big musical numbers. Think Disney, Cats, Mary Poppins, Grease, Chicago, Lion King, Hairspray, Wicked, High School Musical, Sister Act, Bugsy Malone...and the rest!
Just Dance is an Elevations creation! If your child is someone who says, 'I just want to dance', but they don't know what style of dance they fancy giving a go- this session is perfect! Come and D-A-N-C-E! Let's get the heart pumping and our bodies moving creatively around the room. This class is a blended session covering modern and up-to-date styles.
Please seek our ADULT DANCE CLASS page for more information about our exciting adult classes.
Please seek our GYMNASTICS page for more information about our wonderful gymnastics club 'Defying Gravity'.

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Thank you for your interest in our dance classes at Elevations Academy Leeds. We are thrilled to hear that you are considering joining us!

At Elevations Academy, we offer a range of dance classes for all levels, taught by experienced and passionate instructors. Our focus is to provide a supportive and inclusive environment where students can learn and grow in their dance abilities.

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